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Related article: Date : Tue, August 10, 2010 June 10th 42 -0500 From: Justin Luong u003cjrl816 hotmail. com u003e Subject: Bromance Chapter 2 Chapter Two: There's a shark in the water the last few weeks, Brody and take friendship was approved. so helped each other, Brody helped take another left at the person who once was before the death of Miss Bennet, while Brody helped capture the entire orphanage. The two were inseparable and she never kept secrets from each other others. Until one day, when captured, which led to the next level. all n began when the receiver is awakened the next morning. draw attention hovered like the brightness of the sun, shining through the blinds. The skin soft hands catching rubs against your eyelids. Fang literally got out of bed, falling to the ground hard. Strain and yawning, as he stood up, looked at Brody, who was in the top bunk, to sleep like a log, as always, closely hugging one of his pillows. A smile spreading over his face from ear to ear as he shook his head. Fang slipped in your shoes, feet were like the polar bear, which has his second family. Catcher went downstairs and left the room. " What do you do, Steve? I'm still alive, but I'm almost breathe! If you do not pay the bills this month, what you should expect to say, the kids? Not I can tell you are going to be evicted, it is break their hearts, "said Miss Harriet Fang hidden in the phone. If Fang heard the news, shook his head in disbelief. I could not believe n Miss Harriet was a problem with the payment of bills. She felt very bad for them. Fang went to the kitchen and knocked on the door of the pantry. Miss Harriet pause then the phone hung n without saying goodbye. He turned and saw Fang was supported by the pantry. " Oh, that catch up. Is it breakfast time yet? I must have waste of time, n, " said Miss Harriet faking a smile. "Miss Harriet -. " n " You have heard, right? " Miss Harriet, as they sat in thand soil. " So it's true. Miss Harriet, if n having so many problems with the payment of the accounts, why do not you ? " "Add? Do you mean you leave and the rest children here ? I could not it would be wrong. that would be worse, as the kids say "n " trouble paying the bills.... However, the owner, who died. This should not be. it was their responsibility him. they were hired by the government for us. you have no attachment here. 'll find another tutor. " n " never said to me, right? " " Miss Bennett? " Fang said. " Yeah, why not sit next to me. It is easier for you to see if We are on the same level. " N "I do not understand how that could make it is not easy, but okay. "sat fang down by Miss Harriet, when she began, the capture of as they knew, Miss Bennett. "... Catch Miss Bennett is my sister, my real name is Demi Miss Bennett Bennett, Angel Bennett was my sister" " You are the sister of Miss Bennett but it -. ""When we were in high school, we had a fight over a boy, and she never spoke with me anymore. That was the last time I talked to her, which was 15 years ago. As I have heard that came to save, I thought it s been crazy to sacrifice his own life just to save a child like you. " " Thanks, " Fang said getting up and shaking his head. " But after I inherited this place, I knew I belonged here. Teach children me, how you're a better person every day. For me love, if not else would. "is continued capture. He knew exactly what Miss Harriet feels. It s thought no one loved him from Miss Bennett died, could all adoptions, but then it was Brody and he knew that n then just goes to prove he was the life of the test. Fang turned and saw Miss Harriet cry of in the palm of the hand. Fang hit the top of the head, Miss Harriet n with the fingers. She looked up and saw a grasping hand. grabbed hand and pulled his capture. " Now clean the tEars away, Miss Harriet. I have a plan, "Catch smiled. " A- Plan? " A few hours later. " a car wash ? " Said Miss Harriet. " I'm grateful that you want to help, but will pay what you owe. " " Debbie Downer not be, what is that exactly? " " Now, one big, " said Miss Harriet. " A great? " Brody said. " That's a lot. " " Well, somehow missed in the last month because he could not pay, so now is double, " sighed Miss Harriet. " Now I in this way, we have an outlet to get rid of the summer heat, "says Fang. " you owe us a big way, "said Darrell soap poured into a bucket of water. " big! " Brody said syringes Start with a hose. " I have it! I have it! Enough, Brody, "laughed the muzzle, as he covered his face. Brody quickly stopped when a dozen cars lined the sidewalk. " It seems that it is time to clean! "Fang said a bucket and a sponge. Grab went to get a few cars, but found that he employed by the other orphans. Fang looked around and saw a limousine with anyone around n. He began to lather the limo s opened the door to the back. An African-American man wearing a cream suit, got out and looked at Fang. " Oh hi s Lord, you do not want to wash your limousine ? 'm S -sorry, " No catch said, stooping to pick up to cubes. The boy licked his lips and took the receiver in the ass. Fang jumped and turned to see the man smiling. " Do you like that, son? " Come here. " nodded capture and headed for the door. " Yes, sir? " Fang asked, his head bowed. The man put his finger to pick his chin and lifted it Russian Preteen Models to be looking at eye level. " My name is Vince what is your " " Russian Preteen Models My name is... my name is the catch - I mean, my name is Fang "Fang said, blushing. trouble catching felt his face with blood, when I was looking for more good man who has ever experienced. The sun shone on his shiny head, bald s, and dark brown eyes looked closer to trap join. Fang The man smiledsmiled back. Trademarks white teeth catch heart. Vince catches a kiss. Fang closed his eyes and lost his balance. He reached out and touched step Vince. "Do you like ? " "Sorry, I did II. Maybe I should not have closed their eyes. " " You are sweet, Fang. Join me? "Vince said, stroking her legs. " Um, if you wash the car, I do not think I can," said Fang. " How much are they charging the car wash ? " " Five dollars. " " That's it? I pay several hundred, if you join me now. " " How exactly? " " Seven should be enough. " " connect only to you in your car? " " maybe a little more. Come, I know you want it. " catch swallowed. Vince smiled as he began unbuttoning his suit, the n resulted in a purple shirt, tight skin. Vince then pulled their standard of black tie and purple shirt unbuttoned to reveal her torn slowly in the chest and abdomen. Fang looked around and saw all busy washing cars. " is for orphansAge, "he whispered capture. " What was that? "Vince asked. " Nothing, " said Fang input into the limo. " I'm glad you've decided to accompany me to take. How old are you ? " " Fifteen. " " cute. " " Well, what are we -. " receiver Vince Vince hit the ground and torn white tea \\ ​​\\ n it shows the pressure in the chest, little pale. Vince licked his lips re n as grinding her crotch against the acquisition of shorts. " You're so sweet. You're a joke, "said Vince, nibbling on the neck of capture. "Oh, that hurts, "said Fang tried to get up, but Vince pushed him Russian Preteen Models back down. N "Are you ready? "Vince said he took the shot and pulled his pants down reveal his throbbing meat large n in the writings of his boxer. " Ready? For sex? No way, I reserve for the right man, "said Fang try to hide the erection of Vince. " Do not lie, I knew exactly what you're getting into. No tell me you want back? "N " I know. " " Now I do not take no for an answer. " Vince put his hand down intor capture of shorts and then expressed his own from the tap. " You're a liar evil, sweet cheeks. Do you want this as much as me. I can feel him. " " No, Russian Preteen Models I do not want it. The spontaneous erections at sometimes we do not control erections. just happen. " " How many times you have is, for me and for you, rather than n really get what I want? " " I told you not want this. I'm going," said Fang repel Vince. " Nobody's going ! " Vince said grabbing take long black curls. " Hey, what are - " " Let it go, when I tell you," the n Vince, beating against the capture limo window, so the seat conductor. "You like that, little s a bitch! " "You are a pervert!" Fang said his left heel Vince jumped to pass. Vince let go and quickly covered herself. Vince turned to Fang kicked him in the chest and pushed him and sat down to n I first looked at Fang. Suddenly, the window of Fang rested his head s down and rotated against a Russian Preteen Models man whom Is an all black suit, black aviator sunglasses, and a driver has looked out. "Is it okay if - you're just a kid!" The man shouted. "Ya think? " Fang said, panting. The man disappeared from the peripheral vision, and after the capture of a few seconds, the door opened to catch the output. Vince came to the door and bit his lips. Then he looked at Fang clenched his fists. "out of here, little cock tease ! " catch watching Vince and went willingly. " You can forget about the money ! " N "I hope to go to jail, Vince," Fang said, closing the door behind him. "You're a good son, what do you think he was doing there ? " " I do not know. I did not think I realized, " Fang muttered, biting his lips. "You have to get lucky, I rolled up windows you can have -.. " raped? "I know that was stupid. I just wanted to save my home. I was ready to do to save my house," Fang said with folded arms. " Well, you can trust me when I tell you to go to jail," smiled the pilot. "How I can ? There is evidence that even touches me, or any other test also there with him. " N the driver arrives at his suit and throws a plate police. " You a cop? " " Undercover. And I know there are hidden cameras in all the interior of this sedan. " " So let me clarify that. you 're an undercover cop who perform sexual predator to wash a car full of teenage orphans ? I think the police are very smart, not ". " I've caught? " " Yeah, I guess you can pat on the back. What do I win ? " " A shot in the newspaper as my hero for helping me get there. " " is a series of nothing. it was all just a gambling game of cat and mouse you. my life was at stake, and roll randomly out the window to save my life. sounds like a bunch of crap to me. " " Maybe I should not get into the limo then, boy. " 'Go fuck it! "Fang said walking back to the orphanage. catch past Brody, who happened to notice that see Fangmed worried. Brody gave his sponge and soap and Darrel is catcher. "What 's up, fuck? " Brody said. unreacted capture everything he did, his hair was messy and left. Brody Fang Fang occurred before the decline and fall of Brody the ground. Brody knelt down and looked at Fang, who covered his face with hands. " Fang, what's going on ? What 's going on? " Said Brody. " Nothing," Fang whispered. " Then let me see your face," said Brody. Fang took his hands from his face and stood up. Brody got up n and moved to capture. Fang turned his face towards the sun, n produced a dark bruise on the right side of the catcher's face and a cut in the left side of the catch in the lower lip. " You are the face, how you are injured and cut it? " Brody asked affected. " I was not paying attention when I saw the water hose and off guard and gave me a slap on the face," a lie - receptor. " catch me the truth. " " This is the truth !" Fang shouted pushing Brody away. " Catch! " " Leave me alone! " Fang said pass inside. Once inside, Fang went straight Russian Preteen Models to the hall of shame. He opened a few minutes Brody later the door and saw Fang lying on his belly with his n in front of the barred window. Brody reluctantly closed the door and lied In addition to catcher. " Then you tell me how you injured ? " Why bother ? You will not be able to do something about it, " Fang answered. " I still want to know what happened to my brother, "said Brody hand of his s on her bare back catcher. \\ \\ n catch instantly slipped under the skin in contact with skin. "What is happening? "Brody asked more worried. " does not really want to be touched now. I would be happy if I can n accept, for a while. So please leave me alone. "N " I would, but I'm locked in here with you. I closed the door. " " So not only about me, "said Fang. " Brody? Trap ? Are you there? "Voice of Miss Harriet called from outside the room. " Yes, we are here! " Brody responded. Miss Harriet opened the door and stood at the door. " catch, is a policeman at the door who wants to talk to you. Did anything you want to talk ? " " I told him to leave me alone," whispered the the receiver. " Him? Capture, what happens is you have a police officer involved? " Said Brody. "I did something stupid and now I'm paying the price for this room n ". "What have you done?" Brody asked. catch behind Brody and Miss Harriet, but you could hear Fang crying in a corner. Brody went to pick up, grabbed him and pulled him vertical. "I can not forgive myself for being so stupid and they should not. " "What if I can not know what you've done? " N " I wanted the orphanage, no matter what to save costs. "n " what do you mean ? " ", I thought it would be short, but wanted more than I thought, \\ \\ n " " catch " n " I - I thought it would be strong enough for the -.. for everything, but I was wrong badly, very badly I I lost the money, he said I wouldwhat money much, if - I -. " " trap? That's enough. I do not want to hear. Sorry. " catch began to mourn and hugged catcher Brody. " Sorry, Fang. That should be paid to you. " " Everything is my fault that I'm not hard at all I'm only -.. I - I -. "Brody said Fang " " " catch, it's okay you can stop now, Miss Harriet, we -. " " I'll tell you, we will talk to him later. You get some rest. " " Thank you. " Brody played the shoulder catch. Fang understood and went upstairs n with Brody in his room. When he entered his room, slowly catch went to bed and slept the dream. Brody watched him fall asleep, but noted that fishing was not alone, but as in sleep disorders as he was aware. Brody left the room and slowly closed gate behind him. down the stairs and realized they were all count the money they earned. Brody is quickly forgotten that there is money in his pockets and began to count. made ​​fIfty dollars today, and consideration of everyone else in the room seemed as if s relatively the same for all. Miss Harriet went to Brody with a view of his face affected. " Is everything OK with fishing ? " " I honestly do not know. I've never seen before. Did the policeman do not say anything about what happens to catch? " " Apart Russian Preteen Models from what he said to take us? anything. he said he wants to talk to Fang is one to one. "n " You are their parents or guardians count for nothing ? " " I do not think so, " sighed Miss Harriet. "He said he will return tomorrow to the question of capture. " I do not think that fishing will be ready for that. Almost no speaks to me. " " do not think he has a choice, Brody. " " I wonder what happened the receiver. I just know that 's a man , capturing a large amount of money offered and wanted more than the muzzle, as he - do not wait thinking it was the capture of talking about sex , right? " " trap? Offering himself as a piece of meat? I do not thinkSun " " This is the only thing I can think, "said Brody shook his head. " This is all my fault, " said Miss Harriet. " If I had only paid the bills time fang would not. " " You can not blame yourself, Miss Harriet. No one could have seen coming. " " is karma. Not paying bills on time is catching now pay for them. "N " You can not think so. " " Why not ? I have you kids to collect money to help me with the bills and to catch all I know is in trouble with authority. " " I do not think Fang is in trouble. " " I think we just have to wait until tomorrow. " *** " Wow, that was intense, almost soap opera - intensive, "said one of the fans. " Yes, and like a soap opera, progress in this chapter too fast. Is the n and the second chapter we have a rape scene almost. What the author not think of anything to fill the gap between the start and fill hot mess ? " Answered another fan. " Well, maybe there was nothing worth reading between the time intervals. "" Great, more fights among readers," thought the man. " Actually, each chapter is a physical ?" The author thought.
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